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                                         Mobilise your people
                                      and organisation across
                                         Maturity Assessment
                                  international borders with
                                                         Vodafone Global Enterprise
                                     Vodafone Global Worker
                                                   Vodafone Global Enterprise
                                             Evaluate your organisation’s readiness for
                                                  communications transformation
                                                   Vodafone Global Enterprise
                                       The cloud-based security solution that safeguards
                                         your company’s mobile devices against attack
                                                           Power to you
                                                           Power to you

                Gain a clear,
                Mobile data is sent    Is technology helping or hindering   The business that can reduce this complexity
                                                   Many decision makers are worrying they will run
                                  Vodafone Global Worker provides a unique,
                                                   and optimise the benefits of the new
                                  “worry free” communications solution to
                for strong growth    your business?  up significant and uncontrollable costs through
                                                   technology is the business that can transform
                                  confidently deploy, manage and control
                                                   unleashing mobile data in their organisation and
                                                   its communication capabilities. To help you
                                  mobility usage within their organisation,
                view of how new
                13.2% versus other   Communications technology is making   would prefer a predictable fixed fee tariff
                                                   achieve this, we go far beyond traditional
                                  the business world smaller. But barriers
                                  wherever and whichever device they are
                                                   structure to enable budgeting and forecasting.
                connectivity      remain. Many multinational corporations are   cost/benefit analysis. We are here to help
                                  using, and without fear of unexpected
                                  restricted by legacy systems and complex IT
                                                   Tariffs, contracts, currencies, bills and bill
                methods.          mobile data or roaming charges.    you fully understand your communications
                                                   infrastructure and how it can support
                                  infrastructures. Many have different suppliers
                                                   formats, SLA, all of which require additional
                can boost
                                                        Introducing Vodafone
                                                        Introducing Vodafone
                Vodafone          in different countries. Many have to manage   your business plans for the future.
                                  For end users in multinational organisations,
                                                   resources to manage, monitor and administer
                                  multiple contact points, reports and tariffs, in
                                                        Communications Maturity Assessment
                                                        Global Worker
                                                   in each country, as well as adding unnecessary
                                  international business travel is complicated by
                Global Worker     multiple currencies.  cost duplication. Many enterprises have no real
                your business.
                                  the cost of mobile voice and data usage (roaming)
                                                                                               Key benefits
                                                        Vodafone Global Worker is a new and unique
                                                                           The assessment is a key step in the
                                                        Vodafone Communications Maturity
                is designed to    and a disjointed user experience.  Many users   time capability to track usage and prevent cost   Vodafone Global Worker is a new    Key benefits
                                  are nervous about deploying mobile data whilst
                                                        communications solution that provides
                                                                           communications solution that provides
                                                   overruns, in particular for global data roaming,
                                                                           consolidation of your telecoms estate.
                                                        Assessment is an essential communications
                take advantage    travelling due to previous “bill shock”    before they  happen.   multinational customers with the tariffs,   Following the Communications
                                                        customers with the tariffs, tools, services and
                                                                           The consolidation removes complexity,
                                                                                               ● Unprecedented roaming value: allows
                                                        evaluation tool for your business.
                                                        commercial framework to fully mobilise their
                of this growth. *  experiences when returning, in particular for    Also, the security issues and risks may seem   tools, services and commercial framework    Maturity Assessment your business
                                                                                                you to dramatically reduce your
                                                                           delivering you a single, cloud-based global
                                  using mobile data services.  In many cases
                                                                           to fully mobilise their employees and
                                                        people and organisation across international
                                                                                                roaming charges for international
                                                                                               will be better placed to:
                                                        It will help you assess the appropriate readiness
                                                                           platform with more predictable costs and
                                  end-users completely switch off mobile data   overwhelming and, in time, can become a real   organisation across international borders.   usage, allowing end-users to use their
                                                        of your culture, systems and processes
                                  services on their devices to avoid the risk of bill   barrier to the deployment of new mobility    easier administration. The benefits also extend   •   Drive strong growth or
                                                        to embrace the new communications
                                  shock.           solutions within the enterprise.  to how your people collaborate, helping them   device abroad at the same rates as they
                                                                                                do at home.  It offers “no bill-shock”
                                                        Vodafone Global Worker provides a worry   It delivers unprecedented roaming value   global expansion.
                                                        technologies that can support your future
                                                                           to operate more flexibly and to work with the
                                                        free solution that enables your employees to   including the ability to elimination of    guarantee globally.
                                                        business plans.
                                                                           voice and data devices they prefer.
                                                        communicate without constraints and without   roaming charges in the EU and across    •   Expand successfully into new
                                                        fear of bill shock from unexpected roaming or   the Vodafone network and the ability to   ● Worry free mobility: no fear of
                                                                                               geographic regions.
                                                        The assessment looks at your current versus
                                                                           Vodafone Communications Maturity
                                                        mobile data charges or new security threats.   pool usage across all your personal devices   excessive bills from mobile data usage
                                                        required capabilities and identifies enablers   (smartphones, tablets, laptops) for a simple   •   Stay ahead of the competition
                                                                           Assessment is operated by our Unified
                                                        and inhibitors to adoption. It also provides   both at home or abroad. Fixed fee for
                                                                           Communications & Collaboration Practice
                                                        Vodafone Global Worker:  fixed fee per user per month.. And as the tariff   (e.g. through collaboration or
                                                                                                each user that covers not just voice
                                                        recommendations and design options to help   self-optimises every month you can save time   workshare technologies).
                                                                           who provide independent consultants to
                                                                                                calling, but data usage across all of
                                                        your business exploit the full benefits of new
                                                        •  Unprecedented roaming value: including no   on tariff administration and always know   their personal devices such as
                                                                           assess your business requirements.
                                                        telecommunications technology.  you are receiving great value both now   •   Ensure it has the flexibility to react
                                                         more roaming charges in the EU and on the
                                                                                                smartphones, tablets and PCs.
                                                         Vodafone global network, together with a   and in the future.  quickly to customer demands.
                                                         global “no bill-shock guarantee”      ● Simplicity: you have only one tariff per
                                                           Help me operate
                                                 Work the way
                                                                                                user, without having to worry about
                             Help me manage      Work on any device  Work the way    Help me operate    •   Improve system visibility and control.
                             Help me manage
                                       Work on any device
                             my comms
                             my comms            you want  •  Unique integrated voice and data tariff –   the right bundle size for each user or
                                                 you want
                *(VGE Ovum)                                                                    •   Plan for the future.
                                                         with a simple per user per month fee that   multiple tariffs for each device across
                                                         pools usage across all personal devices  your business.
                                                                                               •   Attract and retain the best talent

                                                                                               through modern staffing policies.
                                                        •  Right tariff guarantee – the solution    ● Improved control: improved spend
                                                         self-optimises every month based on your   control and management through
                                                         usage, ensuring all staff are on the “best   •   Realise economies of scale through
                                                                                                central visibility of all your mobility
                                                         deal” each and every month            global strategies.
                                                                                                spend in one place.
                                                        •  Simpler management – through a single    ● Secure data and devices:  protected
                                                         supplier model across countries and with   from advanced security threats, data
                                                         faster contracting, clear and consistent billing.  loss or leakage without fear of security
                                                                                                risks or compromised lost or stolen
                                                        •  Improved visibility and control – management   devices.
                                                         and end-user tools provided free-of-charge
                                                        •  Comprehensive security protection
                                                                                   Vodafone brossúra, 2014
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